How to Conveniently Distribute the Wrap Documents to Employer Groups

Digital distribution of the Wrap documents is a great option for brokers looking to avoid the time and expense involved with printing and delivering paper copies to their employer groups. The documents can be distributed in either Microsoft Word or PDF format by making the appropriate selection under “Generate Wrap Documents Options” on the “Review & Generate” page.

The first and often most convenient option for digital distribution is to generate a link to the Wrap documents and email that link to the employer. Here’s how:

Under “Generate Wrap Documents Options,” look for the following functions:

          •  “Email Link to Wrap Documents” will open your email program, pre-populate the employer’s email address, and include a short message with instructions on how to access the files.

          •  “Copy Link to Wrap Documents” will copy a link to the documents that you can then manually paste into an email to the employer.

After the employer clicks the link and logs in with their nine-digit Federal Tax ID number, the employer will gain digital access to the Wrap and/or PCP documents, the distribution documents (the Guidelines for SPD distribution and Acknowledgement of Receipt of SPD), and any accompanying benefit documents that were uploaded.

At this point, the employer can choose to print paper copies of the documents or download them and distribute them to plan participants electronically (either as separate files or as a zip file). (Employers should be sure to adhere to ERISA’s electronic distribution guidelines, which are outlined on pages 2-3 of the Guidelines for SPD Distribution generated with each set of Wrap documents.)

Another distribution alternative is to download all of the documents as a single zip file directly from the “Review & Generate” page by selecting that option under “Distribution Documents.” The zip file may be sent to the employer by, for example, attaching it to an email or loading it onto a flash drive. Alternatively, you may download all of the Wrap and distribution documents individually and transmit them via email or flash drive.

Finally, please note that Wrap360 also provides a customizable introductory letter in our “Marketing/Support” section under the “Cover Letters” heading. This letter provides an overview of the documents that are being sent to the employer/plan administrator (with appropriate disclaimers) and may also be attached to an email or included on a flash drive.