How to Import and Export Employer Group Data Using Excel

Wrap360 offers the functionality to import or export employer group data using Microsoft Excel, a feature that allows brokers to enter and view the data for their employer groups all in a single, well-organized document.

To import employer group data from Excel, you must enter the data into an Excel template file. You can access this file by selecting the “Employers” tab from the left-hand navigation, then clicking the red “Import Employer” button near the top of the screen. On the “Upload Employers” page, click on the link to the Microsoft Excel (XLS) template file. After inputting the employer’s name, address, federal tax ID, and other required information, save your changes. Return to the “Upload Employers” screen, then simply select your file and upload.

To export employer group data into an Excel spreadsheet, select “Employers” from the left-hand navigation and click the green “Export Employers” button. Select a format, then click export.

Many brokers working with multiple employer groups find that using Excel spreadsheets to enter and view their data is both a convenient and time-saving feature.